Friday, April 18, 2008

SeNiOr InViTeS

Well, after many attempts in photoshop and not knowing anything I was doing I came up with this. I plan on figuring it out alot better but for being pressed for time this is good enough.(Bragging moment here) When I picked up his invites a Walmart they wouldn't give them to me. I needed the photographer's signature. I looked at them and said well you are looking at her. :) WoW! They thought they were done by a professional! I can't believe my baby is graduating!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Prom 08

Pictures of Kyle aka the Pimp and Tiffany's prom. My son is the one in the white and teal and my daughter is in the red dress. They are with their better halves I would like to say! lol

WhAt A wEeKeNd!!

I had family come visit from ND. Prom was saturday night. I pulled two allnighters in a row! Man do I feel old!. My younger brother and his wife are nightowls. They come to visit at night and leave like fiveish early morning. Then I told the kids I would cook for them after prom. I know next near not to stay up the night before visiting! Here are some of the pics from prom.