Thursday, March 6, 2008

Contest & Big News

Where has the time gone? I feel like I am standing still and everything around me is moving forward. I look at alot of people's blogs and dont even keep up with my own. I have been working on a few projects. I am making a card to enter in the contest. You win stamps! I love stamps. Go check it out on their blog. The big project I am working on is designing my own stamp line. I hope to debut them in May. I love to draw and thought this would be a great direction to go in. If anyone has any ideas of stamps you would like to see leave me a comment. I have kids in sports and I have a hard time finding anything related to that sport. Like cross country, track, and now golf. So, I do have plans of doing something for them. If all goes to plan you will be looking at the creator of Dizzie Designz. I will post some sneak peeks closer to the time they come out. If you are wondering what they could be I will give a lil hint they are warm and fuzzy.

Here is the card I designed for the contest. It is not done yet. I am trying to decide on my line. I am leaning to You Wanna Monkey Around? But not sure yet. It is between that and Flippin For You. My dh says Head over heels for you and my sister says Head over Tails for you. I guess we will soon see what I decided on.............

Another great spot I like to visit is
Alot of great talent there and alot of thoughtful people to meet.


Cathy said...

Your cards are so wonderful. I know now where to come for inspiration in learning this fun hobby!! Thank you!