Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blog challenge

This challenge is for a trip down memory lane from the Freak. I need to remember what tv shows I watched as a kid. That was sooo long ago. I remember watching Knots Landing, Dynasty, Punky Brewster, MTV (before all the reality shows), Laverne and Shirley, Threes Company, and this show with Ricky Shroeder (can't remember the name though). I am sure there are more but just can't think of them right now. As far as a female person I wanted to be.............There were several! Where to start? Princess Leigh from Star Wars. My mom would braid my hair and wrap it up like hers. (lol) Farah Fawcett was probably next. Man I wanted to be a Charlie's Angel......
Also, thought Molly Ringwald would be a nice person to be. Especially in sixteen candles! (Jake Ryan) Need I say more? lol teen crushes it was so way back when I don't know if I can remember. I think maybe Andy Gibb was that his name? I think so. I would carry his picture from a magazine with me. I am wondering why I can remember this stuff now! lol