Wednesday, September 5, 2007

First day of school

Well, school officially has started. Now all my kids are in school. My youngest started kindergarten and my oldest is a senior. And I am home all alone. I have waited for this for years and now that it is here I am sad. I start to cry thinking this is my last year with my oldest. It seems like yesterday he was just being born. Then it hits I'm getting old! Enough about getting old! Cuz I don't want to! Here are some pics on the first day. Note one is missing from the picture. He had football practice and I didn't get his pic!:(

And see the excitement on the oldest ones face! If we all could get that excited about things! :)


mitchellscrazymom said...

The four look excited! Here's to a good year!

Heredia Family/Yvie said...

Look how excited they all look!!

Lala said...

Aww... looks like a good year to come.. with all those brigh shiney faces and backpacks ready to go!